Sunday, January 7, 2007


A Day in the Life Continued: 01/06/07

My lunch may seem like an ordeal to you, but this is so normal for me. I'm very used to it.

This is my meter in its case. It holds (as you can see below) the meter, the lancet delivery device, the test strips, and whatever I want to put in that little mesh side pocket, usually more lancets and alcohol strips.
The "tester" as I call it, open and ready to use needs a new lancet and bottle of test strips. The official name is "glucometer". Mine is the One Touch Ultra and I love it.

lancet delivery device with cap off, old lancet inside has to be taken out and properly disposed of
empty lancet delivery device, needs a new lancet
new lancet
Lancet delivery device is ready for pokings.

finger prick, left hand ring finger.

milk finger to get blood drop and apply to strip for reading, then wait 5 seconds

PB&J, 2 slices of bread 15 carbs each, 2 Tbs PB= 0 carbs 2 Tbs Jelly 8 carbs. Total 38 carbs.

Deliver 2 units to bring my high blood sugar down, and 5 for the sandwich, the total bolus is 7.0 units. I so rarely deliver in smaller increments than a whole unit, but my pump delivers tenths of units if I need it to, or tell it to.

After bolusing for lunch, I get a "low volume" alarm on my pump. There are only about 30 units left so I'll most likely have to change my site today.

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