Sunday, January 7, 2007

exercise and snack

A Day in the Life Continued: Exercise and Snack

Ryan and I do some Dance Dance Revolution to get some exercise for the day. This wasn't a great session of exercise, however, exercise is an important part of diabetes care and management. This is probably where I can use the most improvement. I just don't do it enough. I find it difficult to fit into my schedule of being a full-time teacher and mother.

A high reading is not what I was expecting, which is why you should always "test, not guess" as they say on dLife. So, I'll take 3 units to bring my blood sugar down to normal range. I take 1:33 for lowering blood sugars above 100. This means, for every 33 points above 100, I have to take 1 unit of insulin to lower it the 33 points. I usually don't take any extra unless my bg is over 160.
excellent reading!
1 regular sized bannana (small) about 20 carbs.
Don't forget to bolus, even if it is just a snack. I can usually tell though if I don't need to bolus for a snack, which can happen like before exercise or if I feel like my sugar is dropping.

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