Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year: New Goals

So, I've been thinking about what I'd like to work on this year. 2011 I did a great job of improving my diet and increasing my exercise. I'm a regular at our local recreation center. I swim, spin, and when my feet don't hurt take Zumba or run on the treadmill. I've even been to a couple of yoga classes.

One year ago this week, I started on Weight Watchers. I've done a really good job at tracking what I eat, focusing on the power foods, and sticking to that program pretty well. It hasn't really worked great for weight loss for me. But, I haven't GAINED any weight, not even over the holidays. They recently made a few changes to the program and since then my weight-loss has really improved.

Anyway, my last A1c was 7.0. My blood sugars since then have been great! I go see my Endochronologist in about 3 weeks and I think my A1c may have come down a couple of points.

So... as far as goals for this coming year.... I think what I'd like to do is decrease my soda intake. I don't drink regular soda... only if it's the ONLY option for a low blood sugar, that's super rare. Like maybe 3 in a whole year. BUT, I'm a HUGE Diet soda drinker. I LOVE my Diet Coke. Too much! Way too much. I think what I'd like to do is just slowly decrease my intake of diet soda to where I'm drinking one or less per day. I didn't buy a 12 pack of cans this week at the store. So, Sunday I had 1 and today I've had 1. So far... so good I guess.

The other thing I want to do is the "take a picture every day" challenge. I think I'll do the 365project.org. My URL there is http://365project.org/sugarfreesweety/365 I'd like to let Diabetes be the main focus for this project but it will probably end up being pics mostly of my kids... like everything else I do. Kind of a fun way to document the year. Hope I'm not taking on too much with this tho.

So, yeah, those are my goals for this year. I think they're ones that I can definitely work on; and I get pretty determined when it comes to setting goals so I hope I do as well this year as I did last. Now, if I could just get my damn foot healed, then maybe I can start running again.

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  1. I like those goals, you have done very well on striving toward a healthier lifestyle this year, congrats to you Jen!