Thursday, October 4, 2007

Using the Sensor (CGM)

During my second pregnancy, I found the CGM or sensor, as I call it, to be quite helpful in regulating my blood-sugar levels. Here is a post I wrote about using it.

Post originally written October 3, 2007.

Well, I've had the sensor for a week now and have just started my second site for it. So far I think it is working pretty well. The only complaint that I have is that it is keeping me up at night. Almost all night long it's beeping at me and telling me that my sugar is high, or my sugar is low. I guess that is good because then my sugar can be more even during the nighttime as well. However, I was starting to get quite sleep deprived.

Last night the sensor ended and so I took it out. I decided to leave it out for a night and wait until this afternoon to re-connect. I am really glad that I did too because I went to bed at 9:00pm with a BG of 140. I woke up at 6:00am with a BG of 96.

I'll see Dr. Day on Monday so he can have a lot of sensor data to look at. I think this will really help my sugars during this pregnancy. I was really proud of myself for the first three days because my glucose graph was almost a perfectly straight line, I was really excited about that.

Right now I am starting a new sensor and I'm having a lot of calibration errors. I've heard it can take up to 12 hours before it will work well though so I'm trying to be patient with all of the beeping and testing.

Anyway, I just wanted to post something about the sensor so you can all get a feel for how it is working for me.

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