Monday, November 19, 2007

My Latest A1c

Post originally written on November 19, 2007

Today I had my tri-weekly (every third week) visit with Dr. Day at the Diabetes Management center. He is my favorite doctor ever. His personality and mine couldn't be more different (this man is my polar opposite) but for some reason, that works for me as a diabetes doc. Anyway, I had my HbA1C taken today and it was .................(drum roll)................ 5.2!!!

This is as good, if not better than a non-diabetic person's. So, I've talked about an A1c before, but for those of you who aren't familiar with this diabetes lingo- it is basically a two-month average of blood sugar (Web MD link). Anything under 7% is considered normal. So, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Overall though, a good A1c means I'll be healthier in the long-run, have less long-term complications that come with diabetes, and have a healthy baby during this pregnancy. I'm pretty excited. I even did better than one of the nurses in the office who gave me a hard time a while ago. I had to rub it in his face today! :)

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