Sunday, October 12, 2008

Out of Control

Post originally written on October 11, 2008

So my blood sugars have gotten a bit out of control lately. Waking up high several mornings in a row- random high and low sugars. I decided it was time to put the CGM on for a while. On Wednesday of this week my sugars went like this:

6 am: 130 - okay normal

12 pm: 80- wonderful

4 pm: 256- arg

9 pm: 405! what?!

So I had my sensor in that day but it ended at lunch and I didn't feel like starting it up again because it had kept me up in the night for 2 nights in a row beeping every 40 minutes to tell me my sugar was high- 305!

I was hoping to sleep well this night so I was just going to start it back up in the morning. Well, apparently that was a bad idea because when I changed my site around 5pm I guess that's what gave me the dramatic high. So I bloused 9.5 units and then changed my site. When I pulled it out it looked fine- so I'm sure that's just a wasted site- arg. I've been having this problem when I change to a new site that about 2 or 3 hours later I'll be up in the 300's. So I started doing more sites in my tummy instead of in my hips like I always do thinking that those areas of my body might have too much scar tissue or something like that. But, this site was also in my tummy so that shouldn't have been the case- who knows!

I just hate it when I have a high blood sugar and its just 10 times worse when I can't quite figure out what it was that made my sugar go up so stinking high.

The last couple of days have been so much better. The graph on my pump for the last 24 hours has nearly been a straight line. I think I'll probably just wear this sensor until it dies and then evaluate my settings further and move on with those.

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