Saturday, May 24, 2008


Post originally written on May 23, 2008

So last night was pretty scary as it goes for diabetes. I had the highest high I've ever had since the day I was diagnosed (actually it was higher last night). So here were the events leading up to this high.

I hadn't gotten much rest on Wednesday night because baby decided he wanted to stay up all night long. I started feeling pretty tired and kinda ill. So I laid down and then I decided I'd get ready for bed. I checked my sugar and it read "HI".

That's bad.

So I checked again and got the same reading. Well, since I didn't exactly know how high "hi" was, I decided to try to bolus about 9 units. I guzzled a bunch of water down and went back to bed. While lying there, I checked on my site and realized that it had completely come out. So, I wasn't getting any insulin. That's bad on a normal night, but this particular night I had decided to get a mango drink at Taco Bell to go with my dinner (free coupons online btw). I usually NEVER eat more than 70 carbs at any given meal, but last night I was feeling saucy or, rather sugary, and so I had 120 carb meal.

Anyway, I decided I'd better pull out my better meter and test to see if it would give me a number. It read 578!!! Yeah, that's the highest I've ever been. So, I changed my site and let my pump do the math, I needed to take 15 units of insulin. So I bloused 5 and took a 10 unit shot. I then checked my sugar every half hour for the first two hours. I decided that after it had only come down 6 points in the first hour that I should take another 5 unit shot.

Then I tested my keytones and they were luckily negative. My blood sugar had just dramatically risen because of the meal and no insulin. So I drank some more water and went to bed.

I checked my sugar ever hour or two until it finally came down to about 250. I decided it would be okay to take more insulin at that time and bloused 5 more units. By 5:45am when baby woke up to eat again I was at 48.

Husband brought me some apple juice and my sugars were surprisingly normal today.

Gave us quite a fright last night though. I'm just glad I wasn't feeling really ill throughout the whole thing, and I did get SOME sleep.

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