Monday, June 3, 2013

Product Review: Level Life

I was asked to try these Level Life glucose packets out and report to you all about my thoughts.

I received quite a few samples in the mail and was glad to give them a go.  They come in four different flavors, as shown below.  Strawberry Banana, Mandarin Orange, Caramel, and Vanilla.  I think I like the caramel best, followed by Vanilla.  I love citrus usually but the Orange flavor just didn't really do it for me.

What I did really love about these is that they're small, they keep for a long time, and they come with exactly 15g. of glucose.  I really like that because I often find myself over treating.  So with these, I just took one and waited.  There was something about knowing that it was the correct amount of carbs for my low that just made it work for me. 

I've used these on my bike, a lot.  They fit really well inside of my saddle bag.  I've used them in the middle of the night, during the day, and at the gym.  They work really well.  Their priced pretty reasonably too.  I found them with the diabetes stuff at my local store and I know that most places carry them.  Try them out!  I liked them.  

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