Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Site Change Problems

Last night was hell.  Pure hell.  And, as usual, Diabetes is to blame.  Here's what went down.

Yesterday, as I was prepping for my shower, I noticed that my insulin was kind of low.  I figured I had enough in the reservoir to last me through my breakfast bolus and three hours of church.  So, I didn't change my site.  It was Sunday and I had no plans so I figured I'd just change it when I got the NO DELIVERY error.

Well, that error never came and it was coming up on bedtime so I did the ever-dangerous bedtime pump change.  Actually, I changed my site at about 9 pm.  I checked my sugar and it was 117.  Sweet.  I set an alarm to test in an hour because I've been having trouble with absorption in my sites.  So, at 10 pm my sugar was 204.  Not too bad.  I took a little extra bolus than what the wizard said.

I could not sleep.  I was super worried about waking up early for swimming and having my sugar be too high.  So, I got up at 11:22 pm and my sugar was 281.  Shit.  More bolus.  This time I just did what the pump said and tried to get back to sleep.

Tossed and turned a little.  Had a nightmare about a 600 blood sugar, woke up at 12:39 am and my sugar was still 266.  Crap!  More insulin.

Here's the thing.  I would have changed my site out but I've been having an absorption issue with my sites like I said earlier.  So I figured as soon as I got past all the scar tissue, that my site would start working and insulin would start absorbing.

Then the wind started blowing.  Our bedroom is on the second floor and there's a large tree outside of our window which scratches at the glass all night long.  And the howling.  And the high blood sugar and I was just simply not resting.

At 4:45 am I checked my clock, 25 more minutes of sleep.  At 5 am hubs told me I better get up.  I told him the pool doesn't open til 5:30, tried to get a few more minutes.  At 5:10 I got up and my sugar was 166.  Perfect for a swim and a big blue test, so off I went, with about three hours of "sleep" and on to my workout.

I actually swam really well.  We did IM's so that was fun.  The dudes in my lane were lame and only did free the whole time.  I was keeping up with the slowest guy in the fast lane- fastest chick in the pool!  I love mornings like that.  Finished my set and coach told me it was 10 after so I had to go.  Checked my sugar and it was 108.  Sweet!

As I was wriggling out of my suit, I pulled on my site a little.  At first I thought it had come lose but it was fine.  I showered, got ready, got the kids ready, made breakfast and read to the kids for about 30 minutes.  I guess I made a critical error and didn't check my sugar.  An hour previous it was 108 so I figured I was fine.  I did feel a little high but didn't think anything of it.  Ate.  Bolused.  

Took the kids off to school, washed my car, vacuumed, washed the windows, and put on a coat of armor all on and came inside. Felt weird.  Tested; 410.  SHIT!  So I changed my site.  I thought about reusing the reservoir because I figured it was just the site that was bad.  But I noticed it had some bubbles in it.  And, upon further look, it was wet, and most likely leaking insulin out the back- not sure what that part is called below the ring....

Anyway, I completely changed my site, new bottle of insulin, and an injection of about 2 more units than necessary  I took the canula prime bolus as well as one more unit, just to be sure.  I tried to take a little nap before it was time to get little brother again.   About an hour and a half later, my sugar was at 221.  Before lunch it was 96.  Whew.  Finally.

I'm not exactly sure which was the final culprit.  Could have been many things, stacked on top of each other.  Too many damn variables when it comes to blood sugars anyway.  That's something I cannot stand.  When I get high like that, I get pretty angry.  I'm trying really hard to eat well and lose some weight this week so it's super frustrating when your sugar does this kind of thing.  I could have caught that 410 a little earlier had I tested when I first felt weird.  But, I did play it well when I tested all night long, even thought it resulted in a major lack of sleep.

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