Friday, June 1, 2012

Embarrassing Moment

I've gotten into the really bad habit of only eating 1 hour before spin class.  Let me just tell you that that is NOT  a good idea.  Ever.  But I do it over and over again.
This morning, when little brother came in to wake me up watch cartoons in bed with me, I decided to go ahead and wake up and eat.  I forgot to test my sugar (couldn't immediately find my meter) because it was earlier than I usually get up and eat.  I bolused about 10-20 minutes after I'd eaten and had eventually tested my sugar.  I was 168.  Not a bad pre-exercise blood sugar, especially for an intense spin class.  I took a little less insulin and on our drive to the gym I turned my basal down to 40% for the next 90 minutes (about 20 minutes before class started).

My instructor starts in with the, "today's ride is...." and then she says the words I absolutely D R E A D "all hill, we're going to ride a 40 minute hill".  I HATE hill rides.  Cranking up the dial is my least favorite kind of ride.  About 15 minutes into the class I could tell that needed to turn down my insulin some more.  I decreased my basal to 0% for the next hour.  15 more minutes and after a song of sprints, I wanted to test my sugar.  I got off my bike and tested.  Usually when I do this I'm at 130 and I just get right back on and ride.  No such luck this time... 68.  I walked back to my bike, wiped it down, apologized to the instructor and left.  That is so embarrassing!  But what else could I have done?  I guess I had too much insulin on board and no matter if I drank my juice (which was not in my bag, but luckily I had some cash and could pay $2 for a Vitamin Water) I still could not have gone on cycling.  SO FRUSTRATING!

Does diabetes ever embarrass you?

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