Thursday, December 22, 2011

one crazy morning

Ever have the kind of morning where you feel like you're moving in slow motion or making backward progress? This was me on Sunday.

First of all, I woke up a little later than I should have. We have Church services which start at 9:00 am. (I do love the early schedule though, and am NOT looking forward to changing this coming January) which means I need to be in the shower by like 7:15 am or none of us is going to get there in time. Well, it was about 7:30 before I even turned on the water.

Then I realized that I'd have to change my site. Yea, love a shower with no site! But that also means I'll need a little longer than necessary in the bathroom. After I'd finally gotten myself ready for the day, the kids still were not dressed and I hadn't eaten anything yet.

Then I was having all sorts of wardrobe problems. I decided to put on a skirt though, that I haven't worn in about 3 years. When I weighed in at Weight Watchers the day before I found out I was about 10 pounds down over the previous year's weight! Go me. So, I fit into that skirt that I hadn't worn. Yea!

We were not late to Church but I had to keep leaving the meeting room. Little Brother had to go to the bathroom, while I was taking him, my pump started beeping "No Delivery". What? I almost never get this with a new site. So I readjusted my complicated wardrobe, underwear, pantyhose, and tubing, still "No Delivery".

"I have to go home and change my site," I whisper to my Husband. He nods. "May I please have the keys?". He hands them to me.

I run home and although my site seemed to be fine, I went ahead and changed it. It gushed blood all over! Awesome. I test, 303. Pump wizard says I need 7.5 (it calculates my active insulin left over from the breakfast bolus) but I knew this would be too much so I took 5.7.

Get back into the meeting and sit down. Little Brother insists he needs a drink. I'd already been up and down so many times that I told him to go get a drink and come right back. One minute, two minutes, three minutes... I wait until the musical number is over... I walk down the hall and hear him calling for me.

He's in the bathroom- stall door open- and needs my assistance. I help him and decide that I'm done even though there's about 10 minutes or more of the meeting left.

Our church block is about 3 hours long so when I get home I'm almost ready for lunch. So, I test- 103!

Every once in a while I'm all sorts of DIABETES AWESOME like that! yea!

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